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B05A Contractors on Headquarters site - out of hours

1. Security protective marking

1.1. Not protectively marked.

2. Summary of changes to policy

2.1. The following changes have been made to this policy on 18 December 2008:

    • Paragraph 3.2 has been amended.

      2.2. This policy was scheduled for review in January 2011. The review for this policy is on hold pending the Kent Police Policy Restructure throughout 2013/14.

3. Introduction 

3.1.  On all occasions (except emergencies) when it is deemed necessary for non - police employed staff to be used on the Force Headquarters site outside of the specified times the following policy will be adhered to. Failure to conform to this policy will result in contractors being ejected from the site and any resultant costs being borne by the negligent departments budget.

3.2. This policy is designed to ensure that due consideration is given to security on the Headquarters site as well as reduce inconvenience to employees.  

3.3.  Whenever possible contract works will be carried out during the hours 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday.

3.4.  Where this is not possible, e.g.

    • The level of disruption to the working environment would be unacceptable; 


    • Short time scales dictate; the following procedure will be followed.

4. Notification of works 

4.1.  The Department / Section Manager causing the contractors to be on site will notify the Estate Department by e mail of the proposed out of hours works.

4.2.  In general the notification must be submitted at least two days prior to the commencement of the work. Failure to comply could result in the request being refused.

4.3.  The onus for the provision of suitable supervision rests with the department receiving the service.

4.4.  On receipt of the e-mail the Estate Department will contact the Department Manager(s) affected to ensure they are aware of the proposed arrangements and give them the opportunity to raise any objections/concerns.

4.5.  The Departmental Manager will advise all affected staff who can then ensure security of documents/personal effects within their offices.


5. Sanctioning request 

5.1.  Having been satisfied that there are no reasonable objections to the works and that the proposed level of supervision is adequate the Estate Department will endorse the e mail and return it to the officer submitting.

5.2.  A copy of the e-mail will also be forwarded to the Chief Inspector Force Control Room.

5.3.  Works can only commence once the application has been endorsed by the Estate Services Department.


6. Emergencies 

6.1.  Building Services: - as is current practice if there is an urgent need for a plumber, etc. the Force Control Room will call out one from the list of emergency contractors provided by the Estate Department. A Force Control Room Supervisor will assess and implement the required level of supervision.

6.2.  Computer Services: - should it be necessary to call out contractors to reinstate computer systems, etc. the Computer Room will notify the Force Control Room Supervisor. The Force Control Room Supervisor will assess the level of supervision necessary.

6.3.  In all cases of emergency call outs the Force Control Room Supervisor will ensure an e mail is forwarded to Estate Department and a copy is placed on the Force Control Room file.


7. Contractors vacating site 

7.1.  When the contractors leave the site the employee supervising the work will notify the Force Control Room. 

8. Additional information 

8.1.  The Estate Department Intranet Site should be visited for further information.

9. Equality impact assessment

9.1. This policy has been assessed with regard to its relevance to race and diversity equality. As a result of this assessment the policy has been graded as having a low potential impact.


9.2. Attached is the latest equality impact assessment that forms part of the policy review process.

Policy reference: B05A Contractors on Headquarters site - out of hours
Policy owner: Head of General Services
Contact point: Policy Unit, 01622 653070
Date last reviewed: 18 December 2008
Document last saved: 15 January 2014