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B04 Uniform stores

1. Security protective marking

1.1. Not protectively marked.

2. Summary of changes 

2.1. The following changes have been made to this policy on 15 November 2012:


    • Paragraph 7.1 has been updated to include entitlements for Special Constables and PCSOs joining as regular Constables.

2.2. This policy is scheduled for review in November 2014.

3. Application

3.1. This policy applies to all police staff and police officers. 

4. Purpose

4.1. This policy covers all the main aspects of uniform services. 

5. Access to the Headquarters uniform stores and tailoring services

5.1. The uniform store is open Monday to Friday 0800-1600.  The tailor's workshop is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 0930-1330.  Information on services provided can be obtained from the Support Services inSite pages.  Telephone contact can be made via the Facilities Services Desk on speed dial 830 or external telephone number 01622 653653. 

6. Uniform stores services

6.1. Part of the new Facilities Services department, uniform stores is charged with the task of providing the force with a service for the ordering of a wide range of uniform and equipment, including warrant card holders, uniform ribbons, embroidering of uniform items and dry cleaning services for HQ staff.

6.2. This service is currently outsourced to Turner Virr (TV) of Leeds, who is contracted to purchasing, store and distribute a range of stock items, consisting of uniform, protective clothing and associated products. Ordering of uniform and equipment is made through the TV website available on Quick Links on the Force Intranet under TV Uniform Supplies or remotely from any computer. For details on how to use the website there is a user guide located within the Support Services inSite pages.

6.3. A small uniform advisory function remains situated at Force Headquarters. This section provides a measuring service for all new recruits. Existing officers requiring measurement must make an appointment.

7. Uniform issue 

7.1. The initial issue of uniform for police and uniformed civilian staff will be made in accordance with the scales of entitlement following measuring where appropriate.  Details of entitlement are available on the Support Services inSite pages.  Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers joining as regular Constables will be entitled only to additional uniform or equipment items where these have not previously been supplied, or replacement uniform where their current allocation is not compatible or serviceable.

7.2. Any requests for uniform for theatre groups, exhibitions, etc., will not be considered unless the request is deemed by Divisional Commanders to merit exceptional consideration, which should then be referred to the Facilities Services Manager.

7.3. All uniform and equipment provided by Kent Police remains the property of Kent Police. Local management are encouraged to wherever possible reuse uniform (other than shirts, trousers and any other garment subject to close skin contact). All other uniform and equipment should be disposed of as per paragraph 14 below.

7.4. Under no circumstances shall any officer sell, donate or pass on any item of uniform, clothing or equipment. In exceptional circumstances requests for such recycling/reusing can be made in writing to the Facilities Services Manager.

8. Exchange of uniform 

8.1. To exchange uniform incorrectly supplied, items should be returned to the uniform stores function accompanied by the approved returns form. The garment will be returned to TV on their next delivery. Officers can immediately order replacement garments using the website as described in paragraph 6.2.

8.2. All uniforms/clothing forwarded to the uniform stores function whether for alteration or repair or return to TV should be correctly labelled and wrapped/boxed to ensure protection during transit.

8.3. Uniform will not be accepted if it is returned in soiled/worn condition.

9. Wearing of medal ribbons 

9.1. Medal ribbon(s) may be worn over the left breast pocket of the police tunic; they must not be worn on the fleece.

9.2. The ribbon(s) may be worn on the jacket sewn to the bottom edge of the left breast pocket flap.  Under no circumstances must the ribbon be sewn onto the fabric of the garment.

10. Distribution of requisitions 

10.1. Items of clothing and general equipment that require distribution from the uniform stores function will be distributed by the Facilities Services department network of local delivery teams at the earliest opportunity.

10.2. Deliveries from TV are made on Wednesdays. In general, all uniform requisitioned and authorised by 1500 hrs on a Monday, if in stock, will be delivered on the ensuing Wednesday to the local delivery point.

11. Disposal of cast clothing

11.1. All cast clothing should be placed into the disposal bin sited at either Force Headquarters or Bouverie House, Folkestone. Regular collections are made by the contractor responsible for shredding uniform and clothing. Access to the bins will be made via the local Facilities Assistants.

12. Contaminated clothing 

12.1. Any items of clothing, which have become contaminated, are not to be returned to the uniform stores function. They should be placed in a yellow clinical waste bin, held on Divisions, which are then destroyed by the contractors responsible for clinical waste.

13. Dry cleaning 

13.1. Provision for dry cleaning of uniform is laid down in policy E01 Section 10.

13.2. All costs for Headquarters personnel are initially charged to the uniform stores function and subsequently recharged to departments concerned.

14. Disposal of surplus equipment 

14.1. For disposal of surplus equipment please refer to policy B08: Disposal/Sale of Surplus and End of Life Equipment

15. Police staff uniform 

15.1. The office uniform comprises of:


      • black trousers/skirt/slacks embroidered with grey horse motif;
      • white blouse/shirt embroidered with ‘support staff’;
      • black V neck pullover embroidered with force emblem and ‘support staff’;
      • corporate blue tie;
      • black fleece embroidered with force emblem and ‘support staff’.

15.2.  The non-office uniform comprises of:

        • blue sweatshirt embroidered as above;
        • blue polo shirt embroidered as above; 
        • blue road rig trousers embroidered as above ;
        • blue fleece embroidered as above.

16. Retention and disposal of records

16.1. Documents mentioned in the above policy will be retained for the period specified in the supporting disposal schedule .

17. Equality impact assessment

17.1. This policy has been assessed with regards to its impact on equality.  As a result of this assessment the policy has been graded as having a low potential impact.

17.2. Attached is the latest equality impact assessment that forms part of this policy review process.

Policy reference: B04 Uniform stores
Policy owner: Head of Business Services
Contact point: Policy Unit, 01622 654662
Date last reviewed: 09 November 2011
Document last saved: 16 November 2012