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B13 Copyright Licence - Restrictions

1. Security protective marking

1.1 Not protectively marked.

2. Summary of changes

2.1.  The following changes have been made to this policy on 1 March 2013:

    • Roles and departments have been updated in line with KPM.

2.2.  This policy is scheduled for review in March 2016.

3. Introduction 

3.1.  The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have negotiated with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) to produce a model licence agreement tailored for the particular need of the police service. This licence has been developed to permit police forces to make photocopies of extracts from books, magazines and journals without risk of copyright infringement.


4. Licences 

4.1.  Kent Police purchase the below available licences.

4.2.  Public Administration Licence: which permits all members of staff to photocopy from an extensive repertoire of copyright material without the need to obtain individual clearance or undertake time-consuming record keeping.

4.3.  Government Police Training Licence: to allow multiple copying for students.

4.4.  These licences are complemented by The Artistic Works Protocol which permits the copying of ‘artistic works’ that are embedded in the text or appear on a single page e.g. photographs, charts, graphs, illustrations etc.


5. Limitation 

5.1.  Since 2004, there have been no restrictions placed upon the number of photocopies which may be made or distributed, this includes:

    • Extracts may be scanned from UK books, journals and periodicals (licences materials) and emailed to colleagues within the organisations intranet.
    • Photocopying and scanning of Artistic Works, such as photographs, diagrams and illustrations.
    • Copies can be made and distributed from copies received from licensed press cuttings agencies and copyright fee paid copies from document delivery suppliers.

5.2.  For further details contact the Training Administration Team or Facilities & Admin Supervisor at FHQ. 

6. Exclusions 

6.1.  A number of publications, books and journals are excluded from the licences obtained.

6.2.  These are detailed in the ‘List of Excluded Categories and Excluded Works’. A copy of this document must be available with every photocopier.


7. Participating American publishers 

7.1.  A number of US publishers have participated in the CLA Agreement and these are listed in the appropriate list. A copy of this list is held by the Training Administration Team or Facilities & Admin Supervisors at FHQ.

7.2.  Copy from any of these listed publishers can be legally reproduced in line with limitation as per paragraph 4.1.


8. Failure to comply 

8.1.  Failure to comply with licensing requirement could lead to litigation. If in doubt seek advice from the Training Administration Team or Facilities & Admin Supervisors at FHQ.

9. Retention and disposal of records


9.1. Documents mentioned in the above policy will be retained for the period specified in the supporting Disposal Schedule.

10. Equality impact assessment


10.1.  This policy has been assessed with regards to its relevance to race and diversity equality. As a result of this assessment, the policy has been graded as having a low potential impact.

10.2.  Attached is the latest equality impact assessment that forms part of the review process.

Policy reference: B13 Copyright licence restrictions
Policy owner: Head of Kent and Essex Support Services
Contact point: Policy Unit
Date last reviewed: 01 March 2013
Document last saved: 02 May 2013