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B16 Parking at Kent Police Premises

1. Security protective marking

1.1. Not protectively marked.


1.2. This policy has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that remains restricted under exemptions covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

2. Summary of changes


2.1. The following changes have been made to this policy on 17 January 2011:


  • The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been updated.

2.2. This policy is scheduled for review in December 2014.

3. Introduction 

3.1. This policy sets out the arrangements to facilitate parking for vehicles requiring access to Kent Police sites whilst ensuring appropriate security of premises, safe access and consideration of other car park users.


4. Scope 

4.1. This policy covers all Kent Police sites throughout the county and may be supplemented by additional local regulations or procedures as determined by local management teams and/or site operators, including Private Finance Initiative (PFI) site management companies and Facilities Services.  


5. Identification of vehicles

5.1.  All vehicles to be parked on Kent Police premises will display a designated formal identification disc. The allocation of an identification disc does not confer any rights to park on Police premises.


6. Visitors and contractors 

6.1. In accordance with Policy I11: Vetting, all visitors and contractors will register with the front counter, reception or other official contact point.  A temporary parking permit will be issued for a vehicle if appropriate at this time.

6.2. A temporary parking permit must be displayed in all visiting vehicles whilst on police premises and returned to the issuer on departure.


7. Policy management 

7.1. All officers, staff and visitors are required to be considerate to colleagues when parking their vehicle by ensuring they park only in marked parking spaces and observe pedestrian and vehicle access routes at all times.

7.2. This policy is for the benefit of all persons on Kent Police premises, therefore it is the responsibility of all to ensure compliance. Awareness of non-compliance should be brought to the immediate attention of local management.

7.3. It is at the discretion of local management in consultation with Facilities Services to make interventions and/or instigate any corrective action as deemed necessary. This could range from simple advice to banning an individual’s vehicle from parking on Kent Police premises.



8. Disabled parking 

8.1. In order to ensure ease of access and provide appropriate facilities for officers, staff and visitors with physical disabilities a number of designated parking bays for registered disabled drivers are made available.  Only vehicles being used for the purposes of a registered disabled person and displaying the official blue badge may park in these designated bays.



9. Retention and disposal of records


9.1 Documents mentioned in the above policy will be retained for the period specified in the disposal schedule.

10. Equality impact assessment


10.1. This policy has been assessed with regard to its relevance to race and diversity equality. As a result of this assessment the policy has been graded as having a low potential impact.


10.2. Attached is the latest equality impact assessment that forms part of the policy review process.

Policy reference: B16 Parking at Kent Police Premises
Policy owner: Head of Business Services
Contact point: Policy Unit, 01622 652622
Date last reviewed: 06 January 2011
Document last saved: 28 March 2014