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L - Human resources

L01a Disability

L01 Equal opportunities in employment

L02 Personal Harassment

L04 - Leave

L08 Performance Development Review (PDR)

L09 - Work Life Balance

L13A Removal Expenses: Police Transfer From other Forces

L13 Police Officer Recruitment

L14 Work experience

L15 Medical Entry Standards

L16A Drug and Alcohol Testing

L16 Drugs in the Workplace

L20 Grading reviews and appeals

L21 - Employment security and redeployment

L26 - Acting Up Arrangements: Police Staff

L27 Sport and life saving activities

L30 - Overtime and On Call: Police Staff

L31 Long Service

L37 Armed Forces (Volunteer and Reservist)

L39 Attendance management

L40 Exit interviews 

L49A Selection processes: police officers

L49 Selection Process: Police Staff

L53 Acting and Temporary Ranks

L55 External study

L57 Death of a Serving Officer, Member of Special Constabulary, Police Staff or Police Pensioner 

L60a Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations (1997)

L63 Chaplains: Travel Expenses and Honoraria

L64 Provision of Employment References

L68 Physical Fitness Assessment

L71 Overtime: Police officers

L78 Selection for Substantive Promotion: Sergeant to Superintendent Ranks

L79A Health and Safety Accident Management

L79 Health and Safety

GUIDANCE - Awards and Honours

L87 Secondary Employment and Business interests

L89 Flint House: Police Rehabilitation Centre

L91 Occupational Health and Welfare: Special Constabulary Officers, Volunteers and individuals on work experience attachments  

L92 Health services: Noise induced hearing loss 

L97 Injury following needlestick, human bite or exposure to bodily fluid

L98 Exposure to Toxic/Hazardous Materials

L99 / L4003 Grievance Resolution

L100 Working Time Regulations

L107 Reimbursement for food and accommodation

L117 Police Performance and Attendance

L118 Discharge of Probationer under Regulation 13

GUIDANCE - Jury service

GUIDANCE - No Smoking 

L124 On-call: police officers

L128 Severe weather and travel disruption

L131 Lone working

L133 Retirement

L134 REDUNDANT Mentoring Scheme

L141 Secondment out of the force

L143 - Reward and recognition

L144 Police officer postings

L145 Police officer and Police Staff travel claims

L146 Transgender employment

GUIDANCE - British Summer Time: Clocks forward/back

L153 Welfare Support for Vulnerable Roles 

L155 Dyslexia in the workplace

L158 Postings - adverse judicial findings

L159 - Overseas Travel

L160 SAP - responsibilities, access, auditing and misuse

L163 Trauma Risk incident Management (TRiM)

L164 Public transport season ticket loans

L165 Subscriptions and other Professional Fees

L166 Ill health retirement - police staff members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

L99/L4003 Grievance

L4004 - Capability: Police Staff

L11/L4006 Police Staff Discipline