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M06 Industrial Accidents

1. Security protective marking

1.1. Not protectively marked.

2. Summary of changes to policy

2.1. The following changes were made to this policy on 28 June 2010.


  • Additional information has been added on scene preservation and a cross reference added to relevant policy.

2.2. This policy was due for review in June 2013. The review for this policy is on hold pending the Kent Police Policy Restructure throughout 2013/14.

3. Application

3.1. This policy applies to all police officers, police staff and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who would attend such incidents.

4. Purpose

4.1. The purpose of this policy is to alert officers that they are not to investigate industrial accidents and that instead cases should be referred to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

5. Industrial accidents

5.1.  In the event of an industrial accident, resulting in major injury, the employer of the victim is obliged under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 to inform the HSE of the incident, at the Incident Contact Centre, Caerphilly (Tel 0845 300 9923). Examples of accidents that are required to be reported to the HSE are broken bones, amputations or when a member of public is taken to hospital.
5.2. In the event that police attend such an incident resulting in non-fatal injuries, in addition to providing such assistance that may be required e.g. traffic control, the following action should be taken:

  • ensure sufficient enquiries are conducted to ascertain that the incident was just an accident and no criminal offence has been committed e.g. the victims injuries resulted from a fall and not an assault;
  • ensure that adequate scene preservation is maintained pending the arrival of the HSE to facilitate and assist in the identification, preservation and recovery of any evidence or intelligence that may assist any subsequent enquiry (for guidance see Policy N11 Crime Scene Management);
  • inform the HSE about the incident, contacting the local office at Ashford (Tel 01233 653900).

5.3.  Police action to be taken in relation to industrial accidents resulting in fatalities is covered in policy N39A Work Related Deaths.

6.  Equality impact assessment

6.1. This policy has been assessed with regards to its relevance to its equality impact. As a result of this assessment, it has been graded as having a low potential impact.


6.2. Attached is the latest equality impact assessment that forms part of the policy review process.

Policy reference: M06 Industrial accidents
Policy owner: Detective Chief Superintendent, Crime and Intelligence
Contact point: Policy Unit, 01622 654662
Date last reviewed: 28 June 2010
Document last saved: 15 October 2013