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M08 Police Support Volunteers

1. Security protective marking

1.1. Not protectively marked.

2. Summary of changes

2.1. The following changes have been made to this policy on 11 March 2014:

      • this policy has been reformatted in line with the force policy review.

3. What this Policy is About 

3.1. The following policy is intended to set out Kent Police’s approach to the use of Police Support Volunteers (PSV’s). Kent Police is committed to the involvement of PSV’s and recognition throughout the organisation that volunteering is a two way process which benefits both PSV’s and the organisation. Kent Police aims to increase the use of PSV’s from the communities it serves and to devise innovative schemes that directly support policing plans at corporate, Division and departmental level.


4. Statement of Policy

4.1. Kent Police recognises the importance of the work carried out by a PSV’s  and this policy is aimed at providing them with a standardised and structured recruitment, security clearance vetting,  training and deployment programme. PSV’s have been utilised on the understanding that their placement would add value to Kent Police’s service to the public by covering work or functions that we could not afford to provide, As part of Kent Police’s mission PSV’s will help us put the public first and deliver a good service to be proud of.


5. Implications of Policy

5.1. Kent Police will pay PSV’s public transport costs for travel to and from their place of service, or mileage at local duty rate if using private transport. It is the responsibility of the PSV, not Kent Police, to declare to the Inland Revenue claims made where the rate exceeds the Revenue's maximum approved rate per mile. Kent Police will pay parking costs where free parking is not available at or within a reasonable distance of a police station or other place of work.
PSVs will receive induction training prior to starting, training required to perform a specific volunteer role which will be delivered locally.


6. Equality Impact Assessment

6.1. This policy has been assessed with regards to its race and diversity equality. As a result of this assessment, it has been graded as having a low impact.


7. Monitoring and Review

7.1. This policy will be reviewed every two years and is next due for review in March 2015.


8. Linked Standard Operating Procedure

    • M08a - Police Support Volunteers


9. Related Force Policies


Policy reference: M08 Police Support Volunteers
Policy owner: Chief Superintendent Partnership and Communities
Contact point: Policy Unit
Date last reviewed: 18 March 2013
Document last saved: 09 April 2014