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Domestic abuse

What to do if you're being abused


If you are in immediate danger or an attack has just happened, call 999.

To talk to police:


Domestic abuse services and support

Locally, the Domestic Abuse Support Services website gives details of local services offering advice and information for victims, their friends and family, and perpetrators. There are also national and local organisations which offer help and guidance to people affected by domestic abuse.

What is domestic abuse?

If you are suffering physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse or are being intimidated or threatened by a current or previous partner or adult family member, you are a victim.

You may be feeling frightened, isolated and ashamed. Remember, you are not to blame for what is happening and above all you do not have to suffer in silence. Help is available.

Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme

(also known as Clare's Law)

The Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme can now be used in Kent. Take a look at our leaflet explaining the scheme in advance of the launch.

How we can help

Our first priority is to make sure that you and any children are safe. If you have been injured, it is important you are examined by a doctor. We can arrange medical help for you and a safe place for you (and any children) to go.

Call us

If you need help and support, you can call Kent Police at any time. Our experienced officers and staff can provide advice and guidance and help at a time and a place convenient for you.


Firm action will be taken against anyone abusing you to make sure you and any children are protected. We will make an arrest when an offence has been committed or suspected. We will take your wishes into account when we decide what to do with the suspect.


We will talk you through all the procedures so that you know what you are being asked and why.

We will make sure you know what will be expected of you if there is to be a full investigation and take you through all the likely procedures.


Dealing with domestic abuse 

Listen to Litisha's story

Litisha, a victim of domestic abuse speaks out about her ordeal and the effect that her attack had on her. The offender, her ex-boyfriend, is currently serving six years in prison.