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Speedwatch Scheme

Communities working together to reduce speeding


Speedwatch schemes help community volunteers reduce excessive speeds on their local roads without penalising drivers.

Operating at the roadside in 20mph, 30mph and 40mph limits, practitioners monitor speeds using a speed indication device.

The owners of vehicles who've been repeatedly seen speeding or have been recorded at more than 50% over the limit are sent a letter of advice.

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Speed Watch logoCommunity Speedwatch (CSW)

  • increases drivers’ perception of the risks from speeding thereby encouraging them to slow down
  • reduces collisions and the severity of related injuries on local roads
  • improves the quality of life for local communities.

Who runs the schemes?

With support and direction from Kent Police, each scheme is ‘owned’ and operated by its local community.

How do you start?

Community leaders such as councillors, wardens, community support officers or other motivated individuals identify members of the community aged 18+ who want to volunteer. They then buy, share or borrow a speed indication device.

To become Speedwatch practitioners, volunteers undertake safety awareness training and operate at risk-assessed Speed Watch sites.

Start-up, training and risk assessment advice is available for free from our Speedwatch Support team.

Is Speedwatch safe?

The roadside is potentially a dangerous place. Therefore safety is the primary concern and priority focus for everyone involved. Since it started in 2006, Kent Speedwatch has maintained a good safety record with no serious injuries.

Does Speedwatch ever penalise drivers?

Activity never directly leads to prosecutions or penalties. Letters of advice are sent to registered owners of vehicles and repeat offenders might expect to have their letters delivered by police.


Speedwatch records held by Kent Police stand-alone and are not linked to, or accessed by, any other databases.

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