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Tips for spotting drug use

What to look out for and how you can help

Drug paraphernalia

Our officers regularly carry out targeted patrols and operations to disrupt the drug network in the county and bring offenders to justice (see links on the right). But we also need your eyes and ears to help identify drug use in your community.

Suspect drug dealing?

Signs to look out for:

  • Unusual numbers of callers to an address at all times of the night and day
  • Drugs paraphernalia (please do not remove it but alert your local council)
  • People with an unusually lavish lifestyle

How to spot a cannabis factory

  • Lights being left on all day and night
  • Curtains constantly drawn or windows blacked out
  • Strong pungent smell
  • High humidity in the property
  • Lots of different people, coming and going at strange times.
  • No one seems to be living there and they only visit for short periods
  • Venting protruding from the roof and constant noise of cooling fans

Advice for landlords

  • The tenants may pay their rent in cash.
  • The tenants may be vague or not available at the property
  • A sudden jump or fall in electricity bills
  • Spot checks should be carried out on the property
  • You can get more information and advice from the National Landlord Association

101Report it to police

If you suspect drug use or dealing, call Kent Police on 101 with the address of the property and any descriptions of people or vehicles coming and going.

If you want to remain anonymous, call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Call 999 if life is in danger or a crime is in progress.