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Protecting your vehicle

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Cars and vans

  • lock the doors and close the windows and sunroof whenever you leave the car
  • don't leave anything on display - even a jacket can seem like an appealing target for a thief
  • take valuables like laptops and sat navs with you
  • wipe away suction marks from your sat nav on the windscreen or dashboard
  • remove the stereo if you can
  • never leave the keys in the ignition
  • tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to discourage vandals
  • a Thatcham approved immobiliser or steering lock can help secure older vehicles
  • park in a garage, secure car park or well lit area if possible
  • consider having windows etched with the vehicle registration number
  • make a note of the chassis number
  • make sure you don't leave your car keys visible from the outside of your home


  • get a good bike lock (D locks or  combination locks are best) - look for Sold Secure Ltd approved locks, or ask the bike shop for a recommendation 
  • always lock your bike next to something secure such as a bike rack or lamppost
  • lock up removable parts (eg wheels) or take them with you (eg light fittings)
  • consider having your bike security-marked or engraved
  • wear light colours and reflective clothing so other road users can easily see you
  • use lights and reflectors - when daylight fades, you are legally required to use lights; a white light on the front, a red light and reflectors on the back and yellow reflectors on your pedals.
  • wear a helmet which meets British Standard EN 1078:1997, fits properly and squarley on your head.
  • know the Highway Code

Download a Bike Passport - fill it out and keep in a secure place. If your bike is ever stolen the information will help police identify it as yours if found.


  • always lock your bike and set the alarm if it has one
  • when leaving your bike for a while, lock it to something secure at home - special fittings are available that you can lock your bike to
  • use a motorbike cover
  • have your bike marked with its vehicle identification number (VIN)

CRASH cards

Download your CRASH card, fill it out and place inside your helmet so paramedics can find out important information about you at the scene of an accident if you are unconscious or unable to talk coherently.  Follow the link below to download your card and to read more top tips and safety advice.