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Every day this month we'll open a door on our Christmas advent calender. Keep checking back!

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Keep your valuables safe

At home...

  • close and lock all windows and doors before you go out or to bed
  • don't leave valuables, keys or Christmas presents near windows and doors
  • close the curtains when it gets dark so people can't see in
  • dispose of packaging carefully - the wrapping and boxes you put outside your house on bin day advertise what's in your house.
  • put a radio and a light on a timer, to come on as it gets dark, so it seems like someone's home.

In your garden

  • use good quality locks on sheds, garages and other outbuildings
  • lock gates when not in use and keep shrubbery well pruned so there's no where for would-be burglars to hide
  • consider installing alarms and security lighting to deter potential burglars

When you're out and about...

  • don't leave valuables unattended or on display i.e. on top of a pram, trolley or table
  • keep your bag zipped up and in front of your body - use a purse chain if you can
  • make sure you're the one taking the Christmas shopping home - lock car doors, close windows and take all valuables with you when you leave your vehicle. Don't tempt thieves.
  • be alert when using cash machines or at the tills - cover your hand when typing in your pin and put your money/card away quickly

Stay safe on nights out

Drink responsibly; look after each other

On your nights out this Christmas, have fun but stay safe. Leave valuables at home where possible.

Drink responsibly - too much alcohol can ruin a night out. Getting banned from your favourite club or pub could ruin many more. Stay in control. Alcohol makes you vulnerable and reduces your inhibitions, meaning you're more likely to do things you wouldn't normally. Walk away from confrontations.

Never drink and drive - there is no safe limit. Before you go on a night out, get your lift home organised. Book a taxi or nominate someone to stay sober.

Winter driving

Is your vehicle ready for winter?

Watch our winter driving video on YouTube for tips on safe driving and vehicle maintenance

Avoid problems while travelling by following our simple advice:

  • check the weather forecast and road conditions before you travel
  • make sure you have enough petrol for your journey and carry warm waterproof clothing, food, water and a torch in your vehicle
  • be vigilant and make sure you can be seen by using lights and wearing high visibility clothing - poor weather means it can be harder for drivers to see you
  • adapt your driving for different weather conditions -
    in the wet, fog and ice, keep well back from the car in front, slow down and use appropriate lights (know where your fog lights are!) 
  • keep your vehicle in good working order - make sure brakes and lights work, fluid levels are topped up and your windscreen is clear before you set off.

Keep up-to-date with the road and weather conditions

Watch PC Grover explain how to check your vehicle is roadworthy


Home security advice

Watch our short video for tips on keeping your home secure and your property safe.