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HandprintOur highly-trained CSIs work across the county 24 hours a day, seven days a week to examine crime scenes and collect forensic evidence to help put offenders before the courts for their crimes.

For our latest 'Focus on...' we've followed some of the team to help give you a real insight in the job.

Crime Scene Investigator blogs

Forensic labsFollow the links below to read the blogs as they are released over the course of the week. Check back or look out for notifications on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Blog one - 'CSI Miami doesn't even close come'

Blog two - '12 years at a glance'

Blog three - 'the highs and lows'

Forensic searchBlog four - 'you have to detach yourself from the reality'

Blog five - 'everyone wants to be a CSI'

Blog six - 'more than meets the eye'


More from our 'Focus on...' series

Take a look at other blogs we've published including a day in the life of our roads policing unitSpecial Constabulary and a series on stalking including what to do if you or someone you know suffers at the hands of a stalker.

More from our  Focus on... series