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PCSOs gain a valuable insight into dementia

Training will help officers support people with the condition

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Police Community Support Officers across Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable have been learning about dementia and how they can best help people with the condition.

Alison Carter from Dementia Action Alliance Faversham held workshops with officers at both Herne Bay and Canterbury police stations.

Promoting dementia-friendly communities

One of the main aims of the organisation is to improve understanding of dementia, dispel misconceptions and promote dementia-friendly communities.

Herne Bay PCSO Elaine Cannadine said the training was really worthwhile: ‘We learnt about the different types of dementia and how to support people with the condition.

‘As PCSOs it’s extremely important that we understand dementia because we work out in the community, face-to-face with the public.

Empathy and understanding

‘We might come across someone looking a bit disorientated or confused who can’t recall who they are or where they live. It is really helpful for us to understand how to deal with them with empathy and understanding so we can find a resolution without putting them under stress.

‘The training was invaluable and empowering. I feel as though I can now talk with some authority on dementia and am better equipped to help people with the condition and their families.’

Members of the Canterbury Coastal Team are pictured following their dementia awareness training. They are, from left: PCSOs Dan Mimran, Dave Horsley, Elaine Cannadine, John Sherwood, Kathy Shopland, Adam Harper and Suzanne Waldie Temple.

Posted on: 23 February 2016

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