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Live online beat meetings

Talk to your officers live, online


The Kent Police online beat meetings are another way for you to talk to your neighbourhood officers, tell us what you want us to be working on in your community and to find out what we're doing about crime and anti-social behaviour in your area.

Live online beat meetings are prescheduled and publicised on the homepage of this website, through @kent_police on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

If you'd like an online beat meeting where you live, please contact your neighbourhood officer to arrange one.

Forthcoming meetings

REPLAY: Chief Constable/PCC - Wednesday 9 April - 6 to 7pm

Boxley online meeting - 29 April 2014, 6pm to 7pm

Ringlestone and Penenden Heath - 29 April 2014, 8pm to 9pm

Vinters Park online meeting - 29 April 2014, 7pm to 8pm

Boxley online beat meeting - 19 May 2014, 6pm to 7pm

New Ash Green online meeting - Monday 19 May, 6pm - 7pm

Ringlestone and Penenden Heath - 19 May 2014, 8pm to 9pm

Swanley Christchurch and Swanley Village online meeting -

Vinters Park online meeting - 19 May 2014, 7pm to 8pm

Previous meetings

You can watch a replay of a previous meeting, if you couldn't catch it live, and find out what was said.