We are working hard to keep you safe from coronavirus and from crime.


We are still responding to emergency and high-priority calls. But if it's not an emergency or urgent, please use our online services instead of calling us.

What you can and cannot do

The rules are different depending on which country you are in:

Areas with high numbers of coronavirus cases may be subject to local lockdowns with increased restrictions.

More information on areas with local lockdowns

Business and venue closures

Many businesses are now allowed to open. Some businesses must still remain closed, depending on which country they are in.

More information on business closures

Entering the UK

If you arrive in the UK from a country which there is no travel corridor arrangement with, you must self-isolate for 14 days.

The exact rules and penalties for breaking them depend on which country you are travelling to.

The police and authorities like Public Health England are working together to make sure people follow the quarantine rules. 

What we are doing

If there is a problem we want to resolve it by communicating clearly and encouraging people to behave responsibly.

As a last resort we can enforce the coronavirus law by taking people home and by fining them.

More about coronavirus and police powers

Reporting a violation of the rules

You can tell us about a breach of the coronavirus rules online. Please make sure you understand what is and is not allowed before you get in touch with us.

We particularly want you to tell us about large gatherings of people obviously from lots of different households.

Advice and information