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Explosives application

If you have explosives you must obtain an explosives licence. 

There are two types:  
  • 'Acquire only' - allows you to acquire named explosives to be used immediately and not kept overnight. 
  • 'Acquire and keep' - allows you to keep explosives in an approved way. 
Both licences are valid for 5 years.

New application or renewal

Please read the below guidance thoroughly before downloading or completing your application. Please either:

Print and complete:
  • Form ER4 – use only if you need explosives for use in firearms/shotguns or black powder (gunpowder) in connection with re-enactment. 
  • Form ER4A – use only if you need to apply for the grant of an explosive certificate with or without a firearm or shot gun certificate. 
  • Form ER4B – use only if you need to renew a certificate for your own use of black powder in firearms or shotguns. 
Complete online and print: If you need to apply for a Storage Licence (Explosive Regulations 2014), complete Form ER2

Remember to obtain your verfied medical information before submitting your application. You may wish to use our suggested letter format when requesting this information - download and print GP letter.
Forms must be returned to Firearms Licensing, Kent Police Headquarters, Sutton Road, Maidstone ME15 9BZ.

Currently there is no charge to apply or renew an explosive licence.

Change address

To notify us of a chnage of address you must email the Firearms team with the following details:

  • The address the certificate is currently registered to
  • The new address and contact number
  • The date of the move
  • If the move is within Kent or outside Kent (see below for more advice)

If within Kent

Please complete the above process AND send your current certificate by post to Firearms Licensing Department, Kent Police Headquarters, Sutton Road, Maidstone, ME159BZ.

If moving to outside Kent

Please complete the above process BUT keep your certificate. We'll transfer your file to the force who covers the area you're moving to. They will contact you directly.

More information

For additional help and guidance see explosives licences guidance notes.
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