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Protect your online identity logoFraud and cyber crime often affects the most vulnerable in our community but anyone can become a target. It's important you know how you can protect yourself and your family.

Victims often feel embarrassed about what has happened but there is no reason to be and its important you tell us. Reporting fraud helps us understand new techniques and put out warnings, investigate incidents and put people before the courts.

In the UK we have a centralised fraud reporting centre called Action Fraud. They record all incidents and provide specialist support and advice.

To report a fraud or cyber-crime attack visit Action Fraud.

View our top 10 tips for protecting your online identity.

Advice and top tips

  • Fraud over the phone
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    To commit most types of fraud criminals need your personal and financial data.

    One way they'll do this is by contacting you by phone.

    Sometimes they'll pretend to be from an organisation that you trust such as your bank or the police.

    It's easy to be caught out so you need to make sure you know how to spot the signs.

    If you're ever asked for more personal information than usual, don't give it to them. Instead hang up and contact the organisation/company back using a number you know, such as one from your latest bill, in the telephone book or from their official website.
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