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Going to court

After a defendant has been charged they'll attend court and be given the opportunity to enter a plea. 

In the majority of cases you won't need to attend any court hearings and will simply receive an update at the end of the case to tell you what happened.

However there’s always a possibility that making a statement to us could result in you being asked to give evidence in court.  

Witness Care Unit

If there’s a possibility you may have to attend court, our Witness Care Unit will contact you. 

We’ll keep you updated as the case progresses and be on hand to talk about the practicalities such as the time, date, location and assist with arrangements such as child care or transport.

When needed, we’ll also refer you to additional agencies for more support and guidance. 
  • I've been asked to attend court as a victim or witness
    If you’ve been asked to attend court we’ll refer you to the Witness Service (unless you have asked us not to). 

    The Witness Service is run by Citizens Advice whose trained volunteers will offer you both emotional and practical support. 

    They can also organise a visit to the court before the trial so you can familiarise yourself with the processes and surroundings, and can arrange for someone to accompany you during the trial itself.  

    Find out more information about the Criminal Justice System and being a witness.
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