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Hate crime

Hate crime is a crime committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion, belief, or sexual orientation. 

For example, a person or group of people could have; 
  • threatened or hurt you
  • stolen from you and damaged something you own
  • encouraged others to commit hate crime
  • bullied you, for example spat at you or called you names

How to report it

You can report hate crime online, call 101 or visit a police station.

If you'd prefer not to report it directly to us: You can also get help and support from:

What you can do to help 

It’s really important to write down the details of what happened straight away. Here's what to record:

Your local Community Liaison Officer

We have Community Liaison Officers working across the county.

They can give you advice, discuss what has happened or put you in touch with other organisations that may be able to offer you support.
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