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Sexual offences


Be clear on consent.

If there's not consent, it's rape.

Sometimes a situation might not be clear cut. You might be on a date. They might have flirted with you. They might have asked you for a drink – or accepted one from you. You might have kissed. You might even have travelled home together.
They might have changed their mind. They might have said nothing at all. 

No matter who you are with, what brought you together or what you were expecting to happen, if it’s not clear, it’s not consent.

Need help or someone to talk to?

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual offence, there are a number of specialist teams (see below) who can provide advice and support according to your individual needs –particularly if you are not ready to speak to a police officer at first.

rape and sexual assault

If you report a sexual offence to us a local officer will take initial details from you and pass their report to a detective in our Sexual Offences Investigation Team (SOIT). 

Our specially trained officers are there to help you through what has happened. We’ll work at your own pace and you can stop at any time.
They also work closely with support agencies and will refer you to their services so you can get the right care according to your individual needs.

You can contact the Kent and Medway Sexual Assault Referral Centre yourself if you’d prefer not to speak to police at first. 
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