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Car and large vehicle theft

Some burglars may break in to your property looking for the keys to your vehicle.

Always store keys away from doors and windows and park in your garage if you have one.

As well as locking and alarming your vehicle, you should also:
  • remove items left inside 
  • secure items in your boot if you need to leave your vehicle while you’re out
  • park in a secure car park or well-lit location whenever possible. 
If you’re clearing ice from your windscreen and need to go back to the house, remove the keys from the ignition and lock your car. Don’t be tempted to leave it running.

Extra precautions

Make a note of your chassis number and store it in a safe place.

You could also fit a tracker device and/or tamper-proof number plate screws.

Remember: always wipe away sat nav suction marks left on your windscreen. Sometimes these are all it takes to entice a thief to break in hoping the sat nav is still in the vehicle.
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