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High-value jewellery theft

Being a victim of theft or burglary is an upsetting experience, particularly if things with high sentimental, financial and cultural value like family jewellery are stolen.

However, there are steps you can take to help keep your property safe, such as: 
  • keeping jewellery, cash, keys and expensive items out of view
  • avoiding keeping large amounts of cash at home
  • using a good quality safe, bolted to a solid wall or floor and hidden in a cupboard
  • using a bank safety deposit box for expensive items
  • wearing your jewellery discreetly in public
  • recording and photographing your gold and jewellery and keeping the details somewhere safe
  • getting your gold and other jewellery valued and insured
  • security-marking items with a product suitable for jewellery
  • considering installing security systems such as alarms and CCTV in your home. 
You could also consider:
  • locking windows and doors properly when you go out or to bed
  • locking garden gates and maintaining hedges and fences to keep out unwanted visitors
  • installing security measures like an intruder alarm, door chain, spy hole and external lights
  • ignoring any unexpected callers at your door
  • joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme

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