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Vulnerable adults

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and no one should have to suffer abuse. The earlier you report abuse, the less harm someone will suffer.

Together with our partners, the police work to make sure priority support to given to any vulnerable person at risk.

A person can be considered vulnerable if they:
  • need care and support
  • are experiencing, or at risk of, abuse or neglect
  • are unable to protect themselves
People are often more at risk of abuse if they’re isolated, dependent on someone (such as a carer), have memory problems or difficulty communicating.

Abuse can take many forms eg physical, psychological, financial or sexual and can happen anywhere - at home, in a nursing home, at hospital, or in public. Although it can be carried out by strangers, it is usually someone known to the victim.
What to look out for:
  • Injuries, such as bruises
  • Unkempt or malnourished appearance
  • Becoming isolated or withdrawn
  • New people regularly visiting or living at the address
  • House appearing in need of repair.

Adults with Alzheimer's/dementia

With an increasing population living for longer, the instances of dementia are also increasing. Dementia sufferers are at an increased risk of becoming confused and as a consequence a rise in dementia sufferers being reported missing is expected.

Most of the dementia sufferers in Kent (estimated to be over 21,000 people) will never come into contact with the police but for those that do, we've developed the ‘At Risk of Going Missing’ Form with Kent Search and Rescue and Kent Fire and Rescue Service.
  • This form is completed by next of kin/carers and should be available to give to emergency responders if necessary. It's an invaluable tool to search teams offering vital information at an early stage of the investigation.

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