1. Summary of changes

1.1 This policy has been subject of a full review.  No amendments have been made other than links to additional published protocols have been added into section 7 together with additional paragraphs regarding data security and retention and disposal of records.  The next review will take place in a further 2 years.

2. What this Policy is About

2.1 This policy sets outs the overarching HR principles to be applied to all police officers and members of staff within Essex Police and Kent Police to support the Chief Constables’ strategic visions.

2.2 The policy is supported by a number of HR protocols that underpin the policy statement.

2.3 As force policy, compliance by those specified persons to whom it applies, is mandatory. This includes compliance with any linked protocols to this policy. Non-compliance may render individuals liable to investigation and/or subject to such procedures as appropriate including, but not limited to, disciplinary action.

2.4 HR Disposal Schedule v1.1 added under section 7. 

This applies to all police officers and police staff.

2.5 HR Transparency Notice added to the end of section 7. 

This protocol is not, nor is it intended to be, contractual.

Compliance with this policy and any linked procedures is mandatory.
3. Statement of Policy

3.1 Both Essex Police and Kent Police are committed to achieving their policing priorities through its people. We recognise that in order to provide a first class service to the public, all police officers and staff must be encouraged and supported to serve with integrity and professionalism.

3.2 Essex Police and Kent Police accept and recognise their obligation to conduct their activities in full knowledge of, and compliance with, the requirements of applicable employment legislation/Police Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice. We will achieve this by seeking to adopt a policy which reflects best practice in all people management procedures, encouraging innovation and the wise use of public resources to deliver a value for money service to colleagues.

3.3 The principal objectives of the Human Resources Policy are to ensure that:

• All police officers and police staff are recruited, selected and deployed, based upon their attitude, skill, competency, and aptitude;
• Management practices seek to promote and encourage the motivation, development and retention of the best people;
• Everyone is treated with fairness, respect and dignity, whatever their protected characteristics or their place in the hierarchy;
• All police officers and police staff are trained to carry out their role safely and competently, in compliance with relevant legislation and guidance, and are supported to develop to their full potential;
• Communications between management, staff associations/Unison and their representatives are mutually accepted as open and honest to encourage partnership working and improve the service to the public wherever possible;
• When we are less than perfect, we will listen, learn and strive to improve;
• Individual's health, health and safety and welfare needs are always taken into account;
• The Human Resources Department provides professional advice, guidance and practical support in employment/regulatory matters to all levels of the business;
• Individual line managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring that this policy is applied within their own teams, LPAs, divisions and directorates, with appropriate support from the HR Department.

4. Implications of the Policy

4.1 Finance / Staffing / Training / Other
4.1.1 There are no implications connected to this policy.

4.2. Risk Assessment(s)

4.2.1 Risk assessments are contained within each HR protocol.

4.3. Equality Impact Assessment

4.3.1 EIAs are contained within each HR protocol.

5. Consultation

5.1 A list of departments which were consulted on will be contained within each HR protocol.

6. Monitoring and Review

6.1 Each HR protocol is written in compliance with prevailing legislation which, where relevant and necessary, is referenced within the protocol. Monitoring and review will be undertaken by the relevant HR Head of Department within a maximum of three years

7. Related force policies or related procedures (Essex) / linked standard operating procedures (Kent)

7.2   Data Security

7.2.1 Essex Police and Kent Police have measures in place to protect the security of your data in accordance with our Information Management Policy – W1000 Policy – Information Management.

7.3  Retention & Disposal of Records

7.3.1 Essex Police and Kent Police will hold data in accordance with our Records Review, Retention & Disposal Policy – W 1012 Procedure/SOP - Records Review, Retention and Disposal.

7.3.2 We will only hold data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which we collected.