V04 Fees and Charges

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1. Summary of Changes

1.1. The following amendments have been made to this policy in July 2020 – Appendices A and D have been updated.

2. What this Policy is About

2.1. This policy provides details of the charges to be applied for services provided under:

  • Sections 24 (Mutual Aid) 25 (Special Police Services) and 26 of the Police Act 1996
  • Section 15 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011(Supply of Goods and Services)
  • The provision of police services to other agencies such as the UK Border Agency.

3. Statement of Policy

3.1 Special Police Services and Mutual Aid:

3.1.1. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent (PCC) and the Chief Constable of Kent (CC) confirm the adoption of the National Police Guidance on these matters which are available at https://www.npcc.police.uk/charging%20website.pdf. In accordance with the Guidance the PCC has confirmed, the full abatement of charges for the provision of 'Special Police Services' in relation to Charitable and Community Events unless 'Exceptional Circumstances' ('Where an event is assessed as requiring significant policing resources and/or is a high profile event attracting or likely to attract considerable public interest’) apply. Where they do the matter will be referred to the CC (via Divisional Commander/Head of Department) who will consult with the PCC to determine if a charge will be made and, if to be made, the level of abatement (if any) to be applied.

3.1.2. Appendix A contains the applicable Kent Police rates to be charged for Special Police Services and Private Duty. It is also the template for calculating the total cost of staff utilised to deliver the service.

3.1.3. Appendix B provides the request/agreement template to be used by those requesting the provision of Special Police Services from Kent Police for events (excluding football matches).

3.1.4. Appendix C provides the request/agreement template to be used by those requesting Special Police Services for football matches.

3.1.5. Charges for the provision of 'goods and services to third parties' (including Government departments/bodies) are contained in Appendix D. Any variance from national guidance has been approved by the PCC and reflects the cost of service provision by Kent Police. Requests for services not listed and where there is no existing guidance will be charged at: Staff Time (Appendix B rates) + cost of any other items/goods/services provided (Full Economic Cost Recovery) + Administrative Charge of 5% (minimum £10) to cover issuance and processing of invoice and payment.

3.1.6. No charge is to be made for reports/interviews provided to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) as per Home Office Circular 72/1970.

3.1.7. No charge to be made to 'Responsible Authorities' (as defined in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998).

3.1.8. The ACPO/ACPOS National Vetting Policy for the Police Community (2012) recognises the business need of some forces to levy a charge for the vetting of contactors. The 7 Force Eastern Region Alliance Summit comprising the Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk have agreed that a charge will be levied for the vetting of contractors as outlined in Appendix E.

4. Implications of Policy

4.1. Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment has been carried out and shows that the proposals in this policy would have no potential or actual differential impact on grounds of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, transgender, disability, age, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

5. Risk Assessment

5.1 This policy has been assessed as medium risk.

6. Consultation

6.1 Consultation has been undertaken with the following:

  • NPCC
  • CFO to Chief Constable
  • CFO to the PCC
  • IT Security
  • Legal
  • Equality and Diversity
  • FOI
  • Estates
  • Health and Safety

7. Monitoring and Review

7.1. Monitoring: Bid Coordinator and PFI Manager will monitor the policy on a daily basis taking remedial action as and when necessary.
Review: Review will be conducted annually on publication of the new ACPO/APCC charges/updated policy or more frequently if circumstances dictate it. The next review is scheduled for February 2022.

8. Governing Force Policy

Related force policies or related procedures (Essex) / linked standard operating procedures (Kent)


9. Other source documents, e.g. Legislation, APP, Force forms, partnership agreements (if applicable)

10. Security

10.1. Kent Police have measures in place to protect the security of your data in accordance with our Information Management Policy (Policy W1000 – Information Management).

11. Retention and Disposal of Records

11.1. Kent Police will hold data in accordance with our Records Review, Retention and Disposal Policy (Policy W1012 – Records Review, Retention and Disposal).

If you require any further information or to request any documentation referenced within the policy please contact policy.unit@kent.police.uk. For general enquiries you can find contact details for Kent Police on the website https://www.kent.police.uk/contact/af/contact-us/.



























Policy reference:

V04 – Fees and Charges

Contact point:

Chief Finance Officer

Date last reviewed:

September 2019