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Crack cocaine in toilet helps jail Gravesend drug dealers

Crack cocaine found inside a toilet has helped convict three Gravesend drug-dealers.

Moyinoluwa Oluleye (top right), Holly Blayney-Ellinor (middle right) and Zavion Benson (bottom right) were arrested in July 2017 after officers on a proactive patrol suspected drug dealing was taking place at a property in the Whitehill area.

Upon forcing entry to the home, a large amount of crack was found inside a toilet which had failed to flush.

They were sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court to a combined total of over eight years on Thursday 10 January 2019.

Suspicious behaviour

The court heard that the case first came to Kent Police’s attention after officers became suspicious of Benson, who was seen leaving a car at the junction of Whitehill Lane and Valley Drive on 27 July

He then walked to a property in Valley Drive carrying a drawstring bag and was later seen leaving the property without the bag and running towards the same car that had dropped him off.

The car was stopped in Clarence Place and Benson was found in possession of a large amount of cannabis and subsequently arrested. Two mobile phones were also seized.

Later that same day Oluleye was seen attending the property and knocking on the front door, before driving away when no one answered.

He was stopped as he left the area and officers seized over £500 in cash and two mobile phones.

Suspecting the property was being used to supply drugs, officers forced entry to the address after initially knocking on the door and getting no answer.

They ran upstairs and found the toilet had just been flushed, however a package containing suspected class A drugs was found in the bowl.

Blayney-Ellinor was found in a nearby bedroom and admitted she had attempted to dispose of the drugs.

A search of her room found 678 grams of cannabis and digital scales which are often used to weigh drugs. She was subsequently arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs. 


The package found in the toilet was seized and forensic analysis confirmed it contained 99 wraps of crack cocaine, weighing 8.93 grams.

Mobile phones seized from each of the defendants were also assessed.

It revealed that Oluleye and Benson had been in regular contact with each other in the 36 hours leading to their arrests, with numerous references to drug supply made in a series of text messages.

Benson had also been in regular contact with Blayney-Ellinor.

Further to this, officers found Benson’s bag underneath Blayney-Ellinor’s bed. Cannabis, which had a street value of up to £7,500, was found inside the bag, which also had Benson’s hand print on the outside.


Oluleye, 23 and of Meadow Road in Gravesend, pleaded not guilty to possessing crack cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. He was found guilty of both offences and sentenced to five and a half years.

Blayney-Ellinor, 21 and of Valley Drive in Gravesend, pleaded guilty to possessing crack cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. She was sentenced to 20 months.

Benson, 18 and of Poplar Avenue in Gravesend, pleaded guilty to possessing crack cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. He was sentenced to one year.

Proactive patrols

Detective Constable Mark Donovan, the investigating officer for this case, said: ‘This case was brought about by officers on patrol using their knowledge of the local area to identify criminal activity.
‘Their vigilance has helped secure the convictions of these offenders and also removed a significant amount of drugs from the streets of Gravesend.
‘ I am pleased that we have now been able to secure custodial sentences, which will prevent them causing further harm to communities in the town.’

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