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Teenager concealed drugs in body to supply in Maidstone

A teenage drug dealer who concealed almost 100 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine inside his body has been jailed.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested in Maidstone last year, after plain clothed patrols spotted him acting suspiciously in the town centre.

The alert had been raised during the morning of 26 July 2017, when officers reported a number of known drug users congregating in the Brenchley Gardens area.

Targeted users

The suspect, formerly from the Belvedere area of London, was seen to approach one of them, who then handed over cash before they headed in different locations.  

They met up again, before police intercepted what appeared to be a drug deal. The teenager was arrested and officers seized a mobile phone he had thrown into some bushes.

At the time of arrest no drugs were recovered, however analysis of the phone later provided evidence of dealing.


A search of the teenager in custody led to suspicions he has was concealing drugs inside his body. He refused to accept any food and amid concerns for his own welfare was taken to a hospital, where a package containing 96 wraps was subsequently retrieved. 

At Maidstone Crown Court the teenager pleaded guilty to counts of possessing heroin with intent to supply and possessing heroin with intent to supply.

He was sentenced on Thursday 8 February to one year at a young offenders’ institution, after which he will be subject to a supervision order lasting a further year.

Help from residents vital

Chief Inspector Mick Gardner said: ‘Like anywhere in the country, there are always going to be challenges in Maidstone to deter and combat those involved in dealing drugs.
‘My officers are continuing to robustly target anyone involved in the supply of drugs in our town and we are constantly gathering intelligence on those whose activities cause the associated misery within our communities.
‘Information is the key to deterring and disrupting criminals and protecting those most vulnerable. Your help also remains vital. You are our eyes and ears and if you see anything suspicious don’t hesitate to call police on 101, or 999 if it’s an emergency.’


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