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Dover robber jailed for over three years

A robber who threatened staff and stole the entire till from a Dover business has been jailed for more than three years.
At around midday on 15 May 2019, 31-year-old James Roberts walked into a pharmacy in River and asked staff for some medicine. He left the store and returned around an hour later.

This time Roberts approached the counter and told staff to give him money or he would stab them.

When staff challenged his threat, he grabbed the till, pulling it away from the wall.

As he failed to open the till to access the money, Roberts left the store, carrying the entire till with him.

Making his getaway on foot, photos of Roberts carrying the till were soon obtained by police and he was arrested.

The till was found open and damaged in a nearby garden.

Roberts, of no fixed address, who pleaded guilty to the robbery at an earlier hearing, was sentenced to three years and nine months at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday 12 August 2019.
Investigating officer PC Richard Glass said: ‘During the robbery, Roberts threatened to stab staff. A weapon was never seen but he still intended to make people believe he would hurt them if they didn’t do as he said and it must have been frightening for those members of staff.

‘Fortunately he was seen with the till shortly after and with help from the public, officers were able to identify Roberts as the offender and he was arrested.’

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