This service isn't for use by the general public.

This service is for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) and hospital staff requesting police attendance at an S135 (1) Mental Health Act Assessment (MHAA) and S135 (2) warrant.

Please note: If you submit a form through this service inappropriately it will not be picked up and dealt with by the correct team.

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Help transporting a patient

Section 6 of the Mental Health Act (1983) gives an AMHP the authority to detain a person who has been sectioned and take them to hospital. If as an AMHP you feel you are at risk in doing this, you can delegate the authority to carry it out to a paramedic or police officer.

However, neither the police or ambulance service has a legal obligation to take this person into custody or transport them to hospital, unless they agree that you are at risk.

People with mental ill health or vulnerabilities detained under Section 135 (1) or (2) won’t be transported in a police vehicle, even if it is to get them to a place of safety for the assessment. They need to be transported by the ambulance service.

If the situation changes and the risk to the person’s safety or to you and others increases, then request police attendance at an MHAA.