This service isn't for use by the general public.

This service is for social services, social care departments, care homes, schools, NHS staff, charities and partners to request a welfare check.

Please note: If you submit a form through this service inappropriately it will not be picked up and dealt with by the correct team.

Is this an emergency?

It’s an emergency if the person is at risk of causing serious injury or death to themselves or someone else. Call 999 now.

Before you contact us

  • Do you know the person is at risk? Have you been to where the person is and tried to talk to them?

  • Do you know where they are but you can’t speak to them to assess the risk?

  • Have you tried contacting any friends or family to get a clear picture of what’s going on?

If the answer to any of the above is yes and there is concern that something serious either has happened or will happen, please click Start below to request a welfare check.

If while you’re completing the form you discover the situation has changed and the risk has increased, please call 999. 

Things to be aware of

Forcing entry

We can’t force entry unless there is real risk to life or limb or to prevent serious damage to property.

While we do have power to enter a premises under Section 17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984), we can’t use that to gain entry when there’s a general concern for someone’s welfare; the situation really does need someone to be in serious and severe risk.

When we can carry out a welfare check

We’re only able to carry out a welfare check when doing so means that we are:

- Preventing and / or detecting crime

- Keeping the Queen’s peace

- Protecting life and property

If you’ve been through the checks above and understand when we can and cannot help and want to request a welfare check then click Start below.