5. Progression opportunities

Further training and continued professional development opportunities are available during your career through a variety of resources within force, online and through external training provision.

As an accredited detective you could progress onto other detective roles on division. Browse below to find out more about the different specialist teams.

As a detective for Kent Police you could also progress into one of the following roles.

Paedophile Online Investigation team

Our Paedophile Online Investigation team investigate those who exploit children via the internet.

This includes those responsible for possessing, making or distributing indecent images of children as well as offenders using the internet to groom or incite children to commit sexual acts.

They also work closely with similar units worldwide to locate and identify previously unknown victims of child abuse and exploitation.

Major Crime department

The Major Crime department works in partnership with local policing areas and the Crown Prosecution Service to secure the conviction of offenders involved in the most serious and violent crimes including murder, manslaughter, stranger rape, kidnap and blackmail.

Serious and Organised Crime unit

Protecting communities by breaking down organised crime groups who are responsible for serious offences across Kent including those operating across Kent’s borders and further afield.

Working with partners and other law enforcement agencies to disrupt and dismantle organised crime groups and strip them of their assets.

Serious Economic Crime unit

The Serious Economic Crime unit is a multi-discipline team.

Our fraud teams work with national and local partners to secure prosecutions against perpetrators of volume fraud, complex fraud and corruption.

The Financial Investigation Unit utilise powers available to disrupt criminal activity by targeting the proceeds of crime and criminal assets.

The Proactive Money Laundering team investigate organised crime groups and persons involved in money laundering and cash smuggling activities across Kent, including those operating across Kent’s borders and further afield.

Cyber Crime unit

The team use specialist techniques to proactively identify and investigate digital crimes and disrupt the offenders responsible.

This includes computer dependant crimes; those where computers or other devices are used as a tool to commit crime and cyber enabled crimes; those committed without devices but where the reach and scale of the crime is changed by the use of technology.

Serious Collision Investigation unit

Investigating and responding to collisions which result in fatal or life threatening injuries as well as other serious collisions where the specialist skills of a collision investigator are required.

Special Branch Investigations unit

Forming part of The National Counter Terrorism Policing Network, Special Branch (SB) works with partner agencies to combat threats to national security.
The Special Branch Investigations Unit deals with prisoners arrested at Kent Ports, as well as investigating organised crime at the frontier, protest investigation and supporting Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) with specialist capabilities in terrorism and domestic extremism investigations.

Chief Constable's Crime squad 

The Chief Constable’s Crime squad's core role and responsibility is to provide a proactive and preventative capability that has the capacity to reduce the harm caused to our communities or sections of communities in Kent.

The team proactively and reactively investigate crime across all three divisions of the county with particular focus on burglary, aggravated burglary and robbery.

This includes crime series and emerging crime types or targeting persistent and prolific offenders. The team aims to achieve positive outcomes for victims seeking to place offenders before the courts so justice can be served.