If you answer yes to having a tattoo during the 'eligibility' stage you'll be asked to provide a brief and accurate description. 

Colour photographs will also be requested (two digital photographs of each tattoo):
  • A distance photograph to clearly identify where on your body the tattoo is.
  • A close up photograph to clearly identify the image/s.
Each photograph should not be more than 1MB in size. Simply email them to us -

What won't be allowed

Visible tattoos are deemed unacceptable if they could reasonably be interpreted as discriminatory or offensive and /or indicate attitudes or views which are inconsistent with the CoP Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Behaviour and such tattoos would be a bar to joining Kent Police.

Careful consideration will be given to any tattoo located on the neck, face or hands in deciding if this is acceptable. This includes consideration of the size, nature and prominence of the tattoo. Such tattoos are unlikely to present a professional image such that they will, more often than not, also be a bar to joining Kent Police.

If you have a tattoo on your face, neck (above your collar line) and hands we'll need to see it so we can make a decision on whether or not you can continue with your application.

Body piercings

If you have a body piercing or other body modification you still may be considered eligible to apply. We'll check it to make sure it doesn't breach the Standard of Professional Behaviour for serving police officers or constitute a risk to health and safety.

Ready to apply?

Make sure you've read step 2 - education and experience before starting your application.