We are one of the largest county forces in the country and offer unique career opportunities to those who join our ranks. As the first force to receive an outstanding rating for Legitimacy in the PEEL assessments and the only force to retain it for four years, we continue to push the boundaries for innovation and transformation. 

We continually strive to evolve and part of how we do this is to actively support the recruitment of experienced officers from other forces to join us and be part of team Kent - we are currently recruiting for a range of transfer opportunities at constable, sergeant and inspector ranks, looking for detective, firearm and uniformed skills.

Why Kent?

"Interesting places to work, a variation of locations and unique challenges specific to Kent"  PC Daniel Hall

Kent is a varied county to police and provides exciting challenges to our officers operating across the county in partnership with different agencies and authorities. The open spaces, scenic countryside and stunning coastlines along with a number of historical landmarks and thriving market towns makes Kent a great place to live and work.   

With a great road network, good transfer links and being close to London means getting around is really easy. It’s also very convenient for the Kent ports as a gateway to Europe.

Transferees will have the opportunity to police one of the most diverse and beautiful counties in the country within a unique and challenging but fully supportive working environment, with further opportunity to progress your career through either a level transfer or promotion opportunities up to the rank of inspector.

Hear from other transferees

If this isn’t enough reason alone, we have a number of officers across our force who have transferred here and are enjoying the benefits of a working life in Kent – find out more about what their experience has been like. 

Roles available