What our transferees said about transferring to Kent

We recently asked some of the transferees we now have working with us on their reasons for moving to us and below are some of the answers we received from them.

Q. What made you transfer to Kent?
A: The location, and the opportunity to apply for promotion as an external candidate. 

A: Kent has an outstanding reputation and I was keen to develop and continue facing new challenges.

Q. What do you like most about working for Kent?
A: There is an extremely positive culture. You feel like you’re a person and not just a number. At my rank there is a significant opportunity to get involved in different aspects of the force which are completely outside of your direct sphere of influence. There is a culture of promoting and developing new ideas and innovation and being recognised for that. It really feels that you have some opportunity to effect and affect change at a personal level. 

A: I feel that the motivation and support is fantastic and there is a real willingness to help each other and deliver outstanding service to the public.

Q. What are the unique selling points for Kent?
A: The variation of locations and departments. Interesting places to work and unique challenges specific to Kent, such as ports, cross-border, nearby to London, and many more.

A: As a force, we constantly and consistently exceed expectations within our ability to deal with incidents, issues or investigations. When I was considering promotion and I sat in all my briefings about Kent police I wondered if this was part of the marketing promotion. Now, 8 months into the role I can say ‘Yes’ what they said they did, they do. I feel respected as an officer, and that I am making that positive difference to the organisation and the public that we serve.

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