If the Police Service is to be effective in preventing crime and bringing offenders to justice while maintaining the trust and confidence of the public, it needs to reflect and understand the diverse communities which it serves. As part of all our recruitment processes Kent Police are applying some positive action initiatives in line with our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2018-2021 particularly in relation to our police officer recruitment campaign #MoreThanTheBadge.

What is Positive Action?

Positive Action allows for a range of initiatives to be explored to identify and lawfully encourage individuals within under-represented groups either within our existing workforce or for individuals external to Kent Police who wish to apply for future roles.  This allows Kent Police to introduce positive action initiatives to groups who are under-represented and would like to receive some support to assist them in joining our organisation, to ensure we are most importantly meeting individual needs, with the additional benefits of improving the organisations ability to support the diverse groups with the communities that we serve.  As an organisation, we are keen to ensure that we have considered proportionate measures which can also be objectively justified, and enable us to withstand scrutiny.

It is really important to us that any positive action initiatives are not confused with positive discrimination which is unlawful.  All applicants will be assessed in accordance with current legislation.  All selection processes, no matter what role individuals are applying for will ensure that any selections are based solely on equal merit or as qualified as another person. 

Some Positive Action Initiatives include:

  • Pre-application workshops in the community.
  • Enrolment for candidates into the Positive Action Programme which includes Application stage; the National SEARCH assessment and senior interview.
  • Candidates being assigned to a buddy.
  • One-to-one support
  • Familiarisation experience


How is Positive Action applied?

Positive action does not mean that people will be employed or promoted simply because they share a protected characteristic. Rather it aims to encourage and assist people from disproportionality under-represented groups in order to help them overcome disadvantages associated with the protected characteristic when competing with other applicants, or to enable them to participate in the activity.

Positive Action creates a level playing field to enable people to compete on equal terms and promote equality of opportunity. This ensures that applicants are treated in an equal way or treated differently, depending on their needs, to preserve equal treatment and recruitment based on merit. The General Positive Action Provisions are found in Section 158 of the Equality Act 2010.

The Equality Act 2010 seeks to support individuals within the below under-represented groups to ensure that they are fully supported when competing with other applicants to secure employment and Kent Police is keen to ensure they embrace this approach and welcomes applications from all to help create and diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

Who are we seeking to attract

Kent Police has many opportunities that they are keen to attract a diverse range of applicants to apply for – these range from office roles to front line roles and a list of current vacancies can be found at Jobs - recruiting now.
We are particularly keen to increase the interest from diverse groups for our Kent Police Officer #MoreThanTheBadge recruitment campaign. As part of this campaign  Kent Police are holding a number of engagement days across Kent. These events are aimed at promoting awareness of the role of a police officer and encouraging applications from under-represented groups, in particular BAME communities.  This is to support our passion to ensure our workforce has the ability to reflect the diverse communities of Kent.

Event Workshops

If you are interested in becoming a police officer with Kent Police, then come along and join us at one of our workshops.  These are designed to support candidates at the various stages of the application process – from application, SEARCH (the police national assessment process) and Interview.

We have a number of workshops available to attend.

Please click here to for more information on our forthcoming workshop dates, and to register your interest to attend 

To find out more

If you are interested in finding out  more information about Kent Police’s Positive Action initiatives please email: kent.diversity@kent.pnn.police.uk

To find out more about how you can support Kent Police recruitment as a local business in the Kent community please click here.