Be part of the investigation….

Starting salary £21,639 rising to £25,269.

Note for potential candidates - sale of Kent Police Headquarters

It is currently proposed that the Kent Police Headquarters site will be sold and all members of staff currently working there will be redeployed to other workplaces and/or required to work in a more agile way. All new staff appointed to roles currently based at headquarters after 25 May 2020 and before the closure of the site will be accepting the contract knowing that their workplace will change. They will not be eligible to claim for any additional ‘home to work’ mileage costs or additional public transport costs incurred from the requirement to travel their new contractual workplace. By applying for this role, you are demonstrating that you accept these conditions. The only exceptions to this will be for existing internal staff where the new role is a promotional opportunity or a move internally with the FHQ site (that is, from one HQ role to another).

The new proposed location for IMU will be Ashford Police Station. Staff will be redeployed to this location with an aim for this to be completed by the end of 2022, however this may be subject to change.

The role of an IMU Investigator is primarily a home based working role. However, you will be required to attend a Kent Police location for training and team meetings as and when required. If a home based working role is not deemed suitable by yourself or the force, then considerations will be made for you to work from another Kent Police location. It is recognised that a large number of our officers and members of staff do not live within the county border. Therefore, a member of staff can be considered a ‘home based worker’ whilst living outside of the county provided their home address is within a reasonable commute to Kent (as a guide, no further than a bordering county). Approval for ‘home based working’ from a location outside of Kent rests with the relevant chief superintendent/police staff employee equivalent. Any secondary review on appeal will be considered by the Deputy Chief Constable/Deputy Chief Officer as appropriate.

Join our Investigation Management Unit (IMU) as an investigator and you’ll perform an interesting, challenging and important role supporting crime investigation and recording.

IMU investigator

  • you will be completing crime reports by reviewing incidents provided to us by 101/999 contact handlers, online crime reports, email or from police officers. Based on the information given you will need to carry out an investigation and enquire as to whether there are further lines of enquiries which need to be explored, establish further investigative opportunities and make a crime recording decision
  • you’ll help to provide first class service to the people of Kent communicating with members of the public and police officers to make sure crimes are investigated and recorded accurately and efficiently in line with national crime recording standards and the Home Office counting rules
  • being an IMU investigator can be challenging and unpredictable, and no two days are the same, but you will receive full support, training and the skills to ensure that you can be the best you can be. The role can be challenging, but it also creates a sense of achievement and satisfaction to know that you will be helping victims and witnesses, keeping our communities safe.


Training will be delivered over eight to ten weeks and the training will ensure you are ready and equipped for the role. Most of the training will be delivered virtually whilst you are at home. We will supply relevant IT equipment for this and you will need to have a suitable environment and a stable broadband connection. The training is usually delivered Monday to Friday, the times of the training can vary and some of it will be shifts. Times to be confirmed when you commence your employment (this is subject to change). You will be fully supported and encouraged by our experienced trainers and team leaders throughout your training.


  • 5 week shift pattern
  • excellent training and support
  • skills development
  • competitive salary with progressions opportunities
  • staff benefits and rewards.

Skills required

Essential skills required

  • GCSE or equivalent pass in English
  • computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • excellent keyboard skills with speed of 30 words per minute and high degrees of accuracy
  • excellent listening skills and be able to effectively communicate with individuals over the telephone.

Our IMU investigators need to

  • work as an individual or part of a team
  • cope with fluctuating demand and be able to remain effective whilst working under varying deadlines
  • possess the ability to analyse information gained and use own initiative to make decisions
  • accurately record information to a high standard with the ability to identify and correct errors
  • demonstrate an appropriate degree of decision making and empathy when dealing with officers, staff and the people of Kent.

What to expect

To work for us you must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • not be registered bankrupt or subject to a County Court Judgement or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • have permanent right to live in the UK
  • have lived in the UK continuously for the last 3 years (this does not apply if you've been abroad with the British Armed Forces)
  • I have not been unsuccessful in an application for the same role with any home office force in the last six months
  • not be a member of the British National Party or similar organisation
  • any previous criminal convictions or cautions (including those spent), fixed penalty notices, traffic offences or any involvement with the police must be declared and they may affect your application. 

Following your application, shortlisting will be reviewed and assessed and if successful, we will contact you to arrange a virtual interview appointment with two of our Control Room team members which will be in a 1 hour time window. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes and will be conducted in a formal interview style. It will involve competency based questions and also practical exercises, which are designed to test candidates ability to use their questioning skills, listening skills, decision making and IT skills. This is part of the interview process and smart dress is expected.
On the afternoon before your interview, you will be sent some paperwork by email, to help you prepare for your interview and it is important that you read these prior to the interview.

We have 2 shift patterns that may be available; during the recruitment process you will be asked to indicate your preference.

37 hours – Time window of 6.00am to 10.00pm. This shift pattern has a 2 hour time window slippage for start times.

Starting salary £21,387 rising to £25,269. No shift allowance.

Pattern 1 - core hours

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 10am - 8pm Rest day Rest day 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm
Week 2 Non working day Non working day 6 am - 4pm 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm Rest day Rest day
Week 3 Non working day 10am - 8pm 10am - 8pm 10am - 8pm Non working day Rest day Rest day
Week 4 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm Rest day Rest day 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm
Week 5 6am - 2pm 6am - 4pm Rest day Rest day 10am - 8pm 10am - 8pm 10am - 8pm
37 hours – Time window of 24/7 Hours. This shift pattern has a 2 hour time window slippage for start times.
Starting salary £21,387 rising to £25,269 plus 10% shift allowance.

Pattern 2 - 24/7 hours

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 8pm - 6am Rest day Rest day 10am - 8pm 8am - 6pm 10am - 8pm 10am - 8pm
Week 2 Non working day Non working day 6 am - 4pm 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm Rest day Rest day
Week 3 Non working day 8pm - 6am 8pm - 6am 8pm - 6am Non working day Rest day Rest day
Week 4 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm Rest day Rest day 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm
Week 5 6am - 2pm 6am - 4pm Rest day Rest day 8pm - 6am 8pm - 6am 8pm - 6am
Please note: Although reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the preferences outlined above, postings will be allocated based on organisational requirement.

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