Originally from the Birmingham area, I joined the Army in 1989 and went on to serve with 59 Commando, Royal Engineers, until 1996. I left the military to have a another crack at education (having not done too well the first time around) and studied for a BSc International Economics and German at Loughborough and Trier (Germany) universities. I graduated in 2001 and went to live in Germany, whilst working in Luxembourg for a private American Bank. After a few years there I moved to London where I joined Goldman Sachs - just in time for the financial crisis. I married in 2011 and, having already decided in principle to leave the financial services sector, moved to Kent in 2012. I was exploring routes into policing whilst still at Goldman Sachs and was informed about opportunities in the Met Police for Direct Entry Superintendent. The fast track (constable-to-inspector) programme was being run concurrently and seemed more fitting (perhaps appealing to my squaddie roots). Sadly this is no longer an option as the programme was abandoned by the College of Policing - but there are fast track programmes available to join, once new officers have completed their initial two years.

I joined Kent Police in September 2015 and went through training school alongside those on a regular PC career path, moving to Folkestone Local Policing Team in February 2016. That summer I passed the inspector's exam and was promoted to temporary police sergeant in January 2016 and posted to Canterbury Local Policing Team. I was patrol/citizens in policing sergeant on the local policing team until October 2017. After that point I benefited enormously from having ‘supernumerary status’ as it has afforded me the opportunity to embark on a series of attachments in order to broaden my exposure to more areas of policing. These included:

  • three months in Canterbury Community Safety Unit (October to December 2017)
  • three months as custody sergeant in Canterbury (January to March 2018)
  • ten weeks shadowing a number of investigations teams (April to May 2018)
  • one month working with the Prince’s Trust, in Ashford (June 2018)
  • four months shadowing various teams across tactical operations, force control room and special branch (July to October 2018)
  • two weeks chief officer attachment

In November 2018, upon promotion to inspector, I transferred from East to North Division (and Medway, specifically, because of the volume of demand). I’m currently serving as a duty manager on Local Policing Team 4 – working a 24/7 shift pattern; managing a team that deals with all manner of incidents in response to 999 calls.