I joined the Royal Artillery as a junior leader at 16 years old and completed a year’s training in Nuneaton. I was then posted to Germany during this time and deployed to the Op Granby (first Gulf War) and to Northern Ireland. I tried to join the police on leaving the army but was unsuccessful, so I tried again a few years later and was accepted.

My time in the military has helped my journey in policing immensely from making sure I was fit and healthy enough for the fitness test and medical exam, ensuring my uniform was clean and ready to go whenever I needed it. I’ve also found that the long hours are easier to cope with and understanding the police jargon, as most of it was and still is, used in the military today. Kent Police supported me with my application and the two-day selection process.
I applied to join Kent Police in 2002 after five years in the Royal Artillery and in those days, before online applications, they were handwritten. Once I passed the entrance tests and interviews, I joined Kent Police in March 2002 and attended training school for 15 weeks.

I attended the first two weeks at Kent Police College and then thirteen weeks at Ashford training school. The training was very similar to my military training, with the parades and uniform inspections. I was teaching other officers how to iron their uniforms and bull their boots to parade standard. They in turn assisted me with what was a steep learning curve.

The military life skills I had learnt previously, helped both me and my colleagues during this process. I found the training staff extremely helpful on every course that I have been on especially on learning points of law and definitions but also with the paperwork side of things. It’s been very easy to fit in at Kent Police as the camaraderie and discipline was exactly what I was used to in the army.

After training I was posted to Folkestone where I joined a uniform section and served seven years there before moving onto Counter-Terrorism Border Policing (CTBP) where I am still to this day. I’ve always had an interest in politics and counter-terrorism.

I’m equally proud of my service both in the military and the police it has at times been very rewarding but has at times been very stressful and extremely challenging, however having said that I have never regretted joining.


PC Marc Kemp