I joined Kent Police in 2014 having had a variety of civilian jobs and having served in the military for eight years. I had always been interested in joining the police but had never pursued an attempt to join, as it happened recruitment had just opened after an extended period of no new recruitment.

I instantly recognised many of the values of the police matched or were closely aligned to the values and standards of the British Army, as such I found myself at ease upholding the guiding principles of Kent Police's mission, vision, values and priorities. I found myself in a unique position of being able to teach and mentor my peers in drill, ironing kit and how to polish boots to a parade standard and was given responsibility in training my classmates.

Moving forwards, I retained my dual service serving as both a police officer and an Army officer and have deployed on international operations serving in a wide range of roles. Equally whilst outside of the UK I found skills from my police role to be of use, acting as a supporting officer for a service misconduct hearing and a fatal firearms incident.

I am proud of my service in both streams and of the support and backing afforded to me by my colleagues and of Kent police.