The Volunteer Police Cadets programme provides an opportunity for young people aged 13-17 to get involved in activities which support community policing and learn about responsible citizenship. 

As a Cadet, you'll undergo training and take part in voluntary work with the police in your local community.

You'll develop key life skills and enhance your opportunities for further education, training and employment – whether this is within the police service or another profession.

What will I have to do?

Groups will meet on a weekly basis and are run from non-police venues, such as schools. 

You’ll wear a Cadet uniform and will be asked to pay a small ‘sub’ of around £10 a month. This will only be used for equipment or events that directly benefit Cadets. However, personal financial circumstances will be considered. 

Some of the activities you may take part in include:

•    Stewarding local events
•    Crime prevention stands at community events
•    Community Speedwatch
•    Advising the police on youth issues and concerns

Who can join?

The Cadet programme is available to young people:

  • aged 13-17 who live in Kent;
  • irrespective of background or financial circumstances;
  • including those vulnerable to crime or social exclusion

Once you’re 18 you can volunteer as a Cadet Leader or apply for other roles, like Special Constable, PCSO or Police Officer. While the Cadet scheme is not a direct entrance into the police, it will give you an insight into policing, build your employability skills and help you make informed career choices.

Registration currently closed

Currently, all of our waiting lists have been closed due to the number of cadets already waiting.

If you have already applied for a place and have received confirmation then we will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

You can find out more information from the national Volunteer Police Cadets.