The CPV programme is the most exciting new development in police volunteering. Our programme offers more roles than any other UK police service. The programme continues to develop in response to the increasing demands.

The original CPV Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) role started in 2017, since then it has changed and shown how diverse it can be, developing into the many other roles shown below. Each of these roles have their own unique focus and benefits to policing.

Our volunteers provide direct support to specialist policing teams and to our service. The programme has improved community support, helping to maintain a higher police presence in our communities and helping us to achieve our aim to reduce crime and disorder.

We will provide you with a unique opportunity to use your skills, abilities, experience and local knowledge, to make a positive contribution by supporting local communities and helping us to provide a wider-skilled service. The opportunities vary from role-to-role and are dependent on the level of commitment and the amount of free time you have.

If you have any questions then please contact us.