Aviation Community Policing Volunteers (CPV) patrol the skies over Kent reporting back what they observe, this could be in relation to a variety of incidents on the ground such as:

  • monitoring Kent’s road network
  • searching for missing persons
  • reporting incidences of fly-tipping
  • performing specific functions in relation to pre-planned Kent Police operations

This all helps to improve the service we provide and help make Kent a safer place to live and work.

Candidate pilots must hold a private or commercial pilot licence appropriate to the type of aircraft they will fly – whether Group A, microlight, gyrocopter, helicopter or Group B.

If you are not a qualified pilot you can still get involved by acting as a CPV aviation observer, partnering a CPV pilot and helping them in observing incidents from the air.

Training for both roles is provided by Kent Police and the ‘Air Search’ voluntary organisation who you will join as a member. Membership of Air Search will also allow you to help Kent Voluntary Services Emergency Group (KVSEG).

This is a semi-uniformed role with no minimum hourly contribution so you can volunteer as much or as little time as you wish.

There is no fitness test or medical examination required for this role. Medical checks are completed through a self-assessment medical questionnaire.