We take pride in our officers and staff, the jobs that they undertake can be challenging and demanding and as a result all new special constables need to be fit and healthy.

You will need to have a medical assessment and undertake a fitness test as part of the recruitment process. You will be asked to complete a confidential health declaration and attend a medical assessment to check your:

  • blood pressure
  • breathing
  • eyesight
  • hearing
  • height/weight
  • urine

You need to be managing day-to-day life without problems and taking few days off work due to sickness. If you need regular medication to stay healthy, you may still be accepted.

Every candidate receives a detailed individual assessment and we can accept candidates with many common health conditions, as long as they are under control. If you can’t carry out the role safely, without putting your own health at risk, or you can’t meet some of the core requirements, like resilience, you will not be found fit for the job. No one is rejected because of a medical label. The Equality Act 2010 covers all applicants and if you have a disability, reasonable adjustments will be made. You may find further information on our Positive Action helpful.

The information below should be used as a guide to improve your health and fitness in order to give you the best chance of passing the fitness test.