What was your main motivation for joining Kent Special Constabulary?

I joined as a special when I working as a healthcare assistant. I wanted to become a doctor and knew there were skills I needed to improve on to achieve this (leadership, confidence, communication). I joined to improve these skills and to work in a field outside of healthcare, but one where I can make a difference. I have been a special constable for three years and I credit the job for enabling me to become a medical student and now consider myself to be a great communicator and good leader. I joined with the intention of being a career special (though at times I have seriously considered applying for regulars, I enjoy it so much!).

Did you have any concerns before joining?

I was concerned about the confrontation aspect of the role and my personal safety. However, I have found there to not be much in the way of physical confrontation as communication skills go a long way to negate the need for this. There is also no pressure to ever be single crewed.