Special Constable Patel (left) and colleague
Special constable Patel (left) and colleague

Tell us a bit about yourself

I work with a fantastic team, everyone is so welcoming and always willing to help and support me. Being a special constable has helped me to become more confident than I ever was before. No job is the same and I enjoy engaging with the public and helping others where I am able to. There is always someone there willing to help and everyone works well as a team.

I am able to deal with a wide variety of calls feeling confident in doing so and am also confident asking for help when I am not too sure about something. Calls can be from a minor to a major call out and this is what I find interesting. One minute you could be chasing a sheep and within the next hour you could be on a scene preservation or attending a sudden death. It has provided me with a lot of insight into the life of a police officer. 

What was your main motivation for joining Kent Special Constabulary?

I felt that it was about time that I gave something back to my community. I heard a few years ago that someone from an ethnic minority, especially a female, would never have the courage or 'guts' to deal with what a police officer could do. This played on my mind for quite a while and not long after that I decided to give myself the challenge and I do not hold any regrets in doing so.

It is also nice to be able to break-up my day job and see different people, engage and have the satisfaction of knowing that at the end of each shift you know within your heart that you have helped someone who needed it the most.

What is your most memorable moment?

The first time I had to use my PAVA on an individual who was five times the size of me. I would say his hands were three times the size of mine and was built like the Incredible Hulk! My colleague who I was with at the time had someone restrained waiting for back-up from other patrols. He had to use the emergency button as it was getting quite serious where we both could have been badly hurt. I used my initiative, pulled out my PAVA, shouted a warning for this individual to get away from me, however when I saw him getting closer, I pulled out my PAVA and managed to spray him thinking he would calm down. He then walked backwards into oncoming traffic whilst waving his arms in the air. As I ran over to him with my handcuffs ready, a car came speeding around the corner and I do not know how I managed it, but I managed to pick him up in the middle of the road and carried him to the pavement where he was out of danger. Other patrols then arrived and were able to assist us.

Did you have any concerns before joining?

The only concern I had about joining is that I wouldn't be good enough, but I went against my personal doubts and I haven't regretted this.

There have been challenging times, however, this has helped me to grow and become a more confident person in how I approach different situations.