Special inspector Radford

Tell us a bit about yourself

I spent six years in the army as a combat medic before joining Kent Police in 1993. I retired from Kent Police in February 2019 as a duty inspector working in West Kent. I spent most of my policing career at North Kent in Dartford, Gravesend and Medway. I have a huge range of experience from uniform operational policing, custody, and a variety of investigating and intelligence roles. When I retired I applied for a part time role at Dartford Borough Council working with police and other agencies, addressing the behaviour of offenders committing business crime and supporting registered businesses through offender updates, a radio network and offering support and guidance when required.

I returned to Kent Police as a special constable in April 2020 in reply to their COVID call for officers to return to support regular officers during these unprecedented times. I enjoyed returning to uniform so much that I decided to stay after the six month contract ended. Since then I have been successful in promotion to special inspector, managing the professional development unit for trainee special constables at North Division. Outside of work, I am involved in supporting female army veterans from the Women's Royal Army Corps and Army Territorial Service who live locally and across the country.

My hobbies are scuba diving, mountain biking, walking and camping.

What would you say to someone considering joining?

Although I am very biased, I have to say that wearing a uniform and being in a position of trust is an incredible honour. To be there and make a real difference in the life of someone you may have never met is one of life’s most rewarding feelings. If you want to support a victim or vulnerable person, arrest an offender and see them brought to justice, have a hand in improving local community issues using multi-agency solutions then this is the job for you. You will never regret making that move. Being part of a family with people who will remain lifelong friends is special. The name is in the title - special constable.