If you have a tattoo, you'll be asked to provide a brief and accurate description as well as two colour digital photographs. We require:

  1. a distance photograph to clearly identify where on your body the tattoo is
  2. a close-up photograph which clearly identifies the images in the tattoo.

Photographs should be uploaded as part of your application. There is an upload option within the application form.

Unacceptable tattoos

Visible tattoos are deemed unacceptable, for example those located on the neck, face or hands or if they could reasonably be interpreted as:

  • discriminatory
  • offensive
  • indicative of attitudes or views which are inconsistent with the College of Policing's code of ethics and standards of professional behaviour

Tattoos that meet any of the above criteria will prevent you from being able to join us.

Body piercings (facial or visible piercings only)

If you have a body piercing or other body modification you may be eligible to apply.

We'll check it to make sure it doesn't breach the standard of professional behaviour for serving police officers or constitute a risk to health and safety.