Once you have been recruited as a special constable, you will work towards achieving the ‘Special Constables Learning Programme’ (SCLP), which is part of the Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF). The training you receive meets the learning outcomes of the PEQF, set out by the College of Policing.

This programme is compulsory for all new recruits. It is phased and consists of both classroom and operational training, where you will obtain valuable practical experience, which will prepare you for the role of a special constable, gaining an incredible wealth of skills, confidence and experience.

During your training you will be coached on how to risk assess situations which you may encounter as a special constable.

Weekend package

The initial training consists of 13 weekends over an approximate six-month period. It is structured and must run in sequence to allow the progressive development of knowledge, understanding and skills. Therefore, if you are unable to meet all the intake dates, you will have to join the course behind you to continue your training.

All the training modules are based at our training college in Maidstone. Ten of the weekends consist of two full-days, three of the weekends consist of one day only. The dates for these are shared with candidates during the recruitment process.

During these sessions you will receive classroom-based training by a dedicated special constabulary training team of both regular officers and special constables. You will take part in practical role-plays and receive inputs from experts in their field.

Accommodation at the college can be arranged for students who are unable to travel into the college daily over the training dates/weekends. There is no cost for this, however advanced notice is required. Meals are not provided.

After each classroom module you will have to complete online learning packages. If you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone and can commit to all training weekends as prescribed, followed by operational duties and monthly training at your chosen division, then you can become a special constable.