On completion of the PEQF phase one and 2 programme, and as a qualified special constable, you can transition into the regular force, without having to attend and complete regular initial PC training at the training college in Maidstone. Please note, this is subject to passing recruitment and discipline/performance record checks.

If you wish to apply to become a regular police officer using the special constabulary route, we will support you through your development. This is ideal if you do not have the required qualifications to become a regular officer via that route, or if you wish/need to learn at your own pace, whilst retaining your current occupation, personal or home life commitments.
If you opt for this route and are successful, you will be posted straight onto division under tutorship, on the equivalent pay grade as a regular student constable at the end of their initial training.

If you wish to remain within the special constabulary, this can open further opportunities, allowing you to progress through the ranking structure and/or into specialist roles.